About Us

We have 20 years experience developing products people love to use. We've worked with CEOs, Programme management teams and in all sorts of teams in all sorts of organisations.

We have worked for the BBC, private sector companies, multinationals and much smaller companies, start-ups and the UK Government building products and services.

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"Start with user needs....now you can plan with user needs"

One of the principles we've been applying for several years is "Start with user needs.". That means, talk to your customers. Ask open questions (that begin with who, what when where, why or how) and listen to the answers. After talking to several customers, you'll start to hear patterns in the answers. You'll start to recognise their needs, pain points and frustrations.

Focust helps you organise and plan your teams work, based on your customer needs.

We believe that by doing work to meet your customers needs, you will make your team and your organisation more successful.

Not sure where to start? We offer custom training and support

Identifying the right questions is hard. Spotting insights is hard. Delivering valuable improvements is hard. We can help ensure your organisation becomes more productive, more effective, and more focused on its customers.

We offer bespoke training and coaching in user research, product and service management and delivery.

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